homework area


Create a Homework Area

I am sure by now your kids are starting to bring home homework from school! Do you have a designated homework area for your kids?  If not, you may want to start planning a space for your kids to daily complete their homework.  Every household needs to have a good homework station!  Here are some tips on how to get started:

  • Take into account your child’s natural habits and personality.  Do you they like to have a quit place to work, or do they like to be close to you?  If your child is the latter, you will want to create a space in the kitchen for example as opposed to their bedroom.  If a child is very social, they most likely will not want to be isolated in their room by themselves.
  • Make sure you can see the computer screen.  Always position the computer screen so that you can see it when you walk into the room where the homework station is located.
  • Give them their own “home office”.  Make sure they have their own stash of office supplies that they are responsible for.
  • Take into consideration your child’s interests.  If they really enjoy music, make sure they have a place to store and play their ipod.  If they are enjoy art, give them a space to stash their art supplies.
  • Purpose all desk drawers.  (If you don’t they will fill with clutter.)
  • Implement new habits.  It is important to help your kids learn habits such as cleaning out their backpack once a week and cleaning off their desk every night.

I challenge you this week to start a homework area for your kids if you do not have one! 


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