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Vicki and Trevor Norris, co-stewards of Restoring Order, their family business since 1999

About Restoring Order

Established in 1999, Restoring Order is a professional organizing services and products company with business nexus in Oregon and Washington. In the late nineties, professional organizing was still a relatively new idea and there were only a few thousand practitioners across the country. 

By 2003, the demand for Vicki’s whole-life approach (that focuses more on life reclamation than containers) grew exponentially and at that time she pioneered a new model in the industry: hiring and training a team of Professional Order Restorers. Clients can engage us to help them restore their household, work, health, or spirit, or any combination therein. 

Our aim is to forge a MOVEMENT of Life Reclaimists who are taking back their lives from this upside-down world and restoring their quality of life.

And now – in addition to professional organizing consulting services – you can “restore order” to every area of your life through our branded line of desktop organizing products, books, DVDs, audios, and unique live events.


To restore the intentional design of people, families, and businesses so they can reclaim their household, work, health, and spirit.


  • Disorder entraps us to a life of overwhelm, frustration, and chaos. Life shouldn’t be lived that way.
  • Our founding principle is good stewardship. We help you maximize your resources and live more purposefully.
  • Our passion and goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients, helping them to activate their true priorities.

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