Vicki Norris – Founder & Organizing Expert

Hi! I'm Vicki Norris

I love fancy tea, green smoothies, and taking care of people. I want everyone to live the reclaimed life – a life of peace, freedom, and community.

When I look around, I see nearly everyone drowning in too. much. of. everything, overwhelmed, and lonely. 

I founded Restoring Order in 1999 to restore people, families, and communities. I’m a Life Reclaimist sharing my journey; I hope you’ll join me.

Our restorative family

That’s me and Trev and our boys at our farm Dream Acres in Oregon. We are farmer-ish. We have a juicy orchard, a mostly-tended garden, and free-roaming chickens. We homeschool and live an integrated life of family, business, and serving others. Folks who need restoring find their way to us. We pour lots of coffee and tea – listening, loving, and leading people into a life of freedom and contribution.

Order starts at home, so we figure getting people ordered on the INSIDE is the right place to start.

Content creation is my superpower

From television spots to speaking engagements to training courses, I can’t. stop. creating.

My first two books are foundational building blocks for anyone wanting to get their space and life back.

Now, online courses are coming out of this brain like hotcakes, so put on the kettle and join me to restore order to every area of your life!

Creators of inspiring products

Did I mention I love to create? I knew Trevor was “the one” back in 2000 when we were dating and he made me a paper sorter and emblazoned “Restoring Order” on it. Sold! We were “parents” to 8 office organizing products before we were parents to Nash and Brock!

Here’s how we roll: I dream it up, and Trev breathes life into it. We create products to improve and inspire the world.

Media is my thing

So, I’m in my LANE when I’m sharing ideas to restore lives! I dig all forms of broadcast, and have done television, radio, and spokesperson work since the inception of Restoring Order. I get to help audiences reclaim their lives; what’s better than that?

My years on HGTV’s Mission: Organization were epic, but it’s the stories behind the makeovers that I care about…restoring people and the health of the home and workplace.

Since 2015, I’ve been providing a weekly organizing segment as More Good Day Oregon’s Organizing Expert. You can check out the most recent segment on our home page.

Our family of Order Restorers

I come from a long-line of entrepreneurs, so business is my jam. Back in 2003, I pioneered the idea of a professional organizing firm here in the Northwest.

We are a family of Order Restorers. Imagine: powerful women working together, serving one another, and serving the world… a rare treasure! We’re growing beyond the Northwest and can’t wait to behold the divine unfolding of this community of restorers.

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