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Reclaiming your work involves more than your job and workspace;
it’s about uncovering your contribution to the world! 

workplace consultingAccording to the American Center for Disease Control, stress is responsible for 80% of illness and disease.  And disorganization causes stress! When you invest in ordering your business, you are reclaiming not only space and systems, but sanity!

Organization is an investment in your best asset – your people. It is also jet fuel to bring lift to your company’s purpose in the world. Traditional organizing efforts have defined productivity as doing more, better, and faster. However, this can lead to exhausting your human capital.

workplace consulting - organizing servicesFast Company Magazine reports that employees waste one hour per day due to disorganization – which is a whopping 6 work weeks per year per employee! Reclaiming your work isn’t a luxury; it’s a business necessity.

Restoring Order’s refreshing and sustainable approach to workplace consulting combines honoring individuals and their needs as well as the company’s long-term objectives. We come into your business as a learner and detective to discover both strengths and exposures. We then partner with you to equip you and your team with sound processes and optimized workers.

One of our passions is to partner with owners to discover your purpose, define your priorities, and support your business objectives with targeted means.

Whether you are a sole proprietor, small business, or corporate entity, working with Restoring Order will help you:

  • Establish standardization both in recurrent work & company deliverables
  • Reduce waste by recapturing lost time and effort
  • Create continuity by initiating job descriptions, tasks, and records that outlast individuals
  • Overhaul workstations and community-use areas like reception and workrooms
  • Eliminate confusion, clutter, and redundancy
  • Invest in employee clarity, retention, and enjoyment of their work

For employers that wish to invest in the health of their workforce, Restoring Order also offers a Workplace Wellness Training

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