Vicki Norris

Inspirational Keynotes  •  Engaging Training  •  Retreats & Conferences

Looking for an entertaining, poignant, and authentic speaker? Vicki will awaken and empower your audience to optimize their lives!

Organizing Expert Speaker - Vicki Norris

Vicki Norris – An Organizing Industry Pioneer

A pioneer in the organizing industry for over two decades, Vicki is a nationally-recognized organizing expert, a prolific author, product designer and dynamic television personality. She is founder and president of Vicki Norris’ Restoring Order, an organizing services and products company based in the Pacific Northwest.

Audiences discover in Vicki a storyteller, an advocate, and a herald of freedom for those drowning in the chaos and confusion of life.

Vicki enjoys working with excellent organizations who share her passion to bring the pragmatic outworking of “restored order” to their audience. She brings her strengths of maximization and ideation to partner with event hosts to craft and execute memorable and high impact gatherings, recognizing her contribution as one part of a successful whole.

Workplace Training

Vicki Norris is passionate about creating ordered, intentional businesses and empowered teams. She offers keynotes, workshops, retreats, and trainings on the topics of organizing your business, paper management, and workplace systems.

Audiences Love Vicki

Vicki feels that she is used to her highest calling when she is speaking. She is more than an organizing expert and her presentations deliver much more than “quick tips” – she offers a refreshing “reset” in thinking and in her approach to ordering our lives.

As an entrepreneur, business owner, employer, product designer, author, speaker, wife, and mother, Vicki can relate to almost any audience. Her humor, warmth, and insight into the human condition puts participants at ease and in a position to learn.

Her podiums have included companies, associations, hospitals, churches, chambers, ministries, and forums. From large groups to intimate circles, she loves training, teaching, and inspiring others to achieve their own personal or professional break through!


Audiences feel empowered by Vicki’s authentic, humorous, and practical approach to ordering your life. From the board room to the training room to small groups, Vicki delivers proven strategies and inspires hope.

Author of Inspiring Books

Vicki has authored two books helping people “restore order” to their lives. Get the books in hard copy or electronic format and start reclaiming your life!

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