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Restoring Order is a company whose purpose is to restore the original design of people, families, and businesses. Our aim is to help YOU reclaim your household, work, health, and spirit.

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Enjoy reading our past [RE]store articles below:

[RE]store is a regular article category that brings impactful “RE” articles intended to help you restore that which matters most plus resources to  reclaim your life!

REmix: A Fresh Strategy to Embrace Change

I can feel it in the air. I can feel it in the land. Change has arrived and Change is the new normal. How do I know? Because for the last season I’ve been itchy. Restless. Ready. Like overdue ready. Tired of sameness. Here are my thoughts on embracing the change in life’s seasons.

REhome: Creating an Invitational Life

When something is out-of-place, it needs re-homing. Meaning, it needs to find a more appropriate place. The best fit for it. It’s not that the object itself is out-of-order; it just found its way to the wrong place. If it’s a beneficial object; it deserves to be...

Retreat: Seclude to Renew Your Soul

“Retreat!” It’s one of those words that comes loaded with visual and visceral meaning. Loaded with imagery of a military fleeing from the vanquisher. Loaded with connotation of failure. Defeat. Giving up. So, it’s not my favorite word. After all, my very NAME means...

Reputation: Your Name is Like Stock

The richest king of ancient times – King Solomon, the son of David -  had a lot of things figured out. Unmatched wisdom flowed out of him and people came from near and far to ask him to solve their dilemmas. One of his most fascinating sayings, considering his...

REceive Your Extravagant Upgrade

REceive Your Extravagant Upgrade My faithful readers of “Restore” may remember my embarrassing confessions in my June newsletter “REarrange: When the Furniture of Your Life Gets Moved,” wherein I shared my psychotic reaction to impulsively donating all my office...

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