I'm Vicki Norris,

an Organizing Expert leading a team of Professional Organizers helping YOU make room for what matters most!

We’re a Life Reclamation Company!

Our passion is to help the overwhelmed RESTORE ORDER and experience an abundant life. Established in 1999, Restoring Order is a team of Order Restorers rebuilding families and communities.

Restoring Order is a family-owned business.

We’re living an integrated life of family, business, homeschool and s’mores on our Oregon farmstead (and company headquarters) Dream Acres.

Latest TV Segment

For 20 years I’ve been sharing organizing inspiration and makeover stories. From my years on HGTV’s Mission: Organization to two decades on regional lifestyle television, media is my thing. Here’s my weekly organizing segment on KPTV’s More Good Day Oregon. Enjoy!

 As Seen On

Start Reclaiming Your Life!

Our signature Life Reclaimist video training series will teach you our breakthrough processes to "restore order" to every area of your life.

Learn from Vicki, the core methods she has perfected over the past 20 years. You'll dig out from chaos and overwhelm and "restore order" to your life - for good!

Four separate courses - Household, Work, Health, & Spirit - are included in the series. That's over 8 hours of step-by-step training!

 The Restoring Order Blog

Inspiration to your inbox to restore order to every area of your life!


How to Label Like a Professional Organizer

Labeling isn’t just for those with OCD! It’s the finishing touch to organizing projects; the icing on the cake, providing clarity and order. In this blog you’ll learn how to label like a professional organizer and start enjoying the benefits of a...

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Creative Jewelry Organizing

Is your jewelry collection a tangled mess? Are you always searching for the missing piece you want? You can buy a jewelry organizer of course, but you might already have storage options for these accessories around your home! Here are some creative jewelry organizing...

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Small Business Optimization

Paper organization strategies (or lack thereof) can make or break a small business. Today, I share how a complete paper overhaul, including processing and permanent paper systems, helped this business recover $15,000 in unpaid work within a few weeks. Small business...

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Organize Your Kitchen to Support Healthy Living

Want to live a healthier lifestyle, but don’t know where to start? Do you have great intentions and need help with follow-through? You’ll love these 5 easy organizing systems YOU can put into place to support healthy living! What if ORGANIZING could help you LIVE...

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Order Your Life to Love Well

I’m sure you’ve heard the craze about making your home and belongings spark joy in your life. As Life Reclaimists, we think it’s wonderful that people are addressing the clutter in their space and focusing on bringing joy into their homes. But, organizing is not just...

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REmix: A Fresh Strategy to Embrace Change

I can feel it in the air. I can feel it in the land. Change has arrived and Change is the new normal. How do I know? Because for the last season I’ve been itchy. Restless. Ready. Like overdue ready. Tired of sameness. Here are my thoughts on embracing the change in life’s seasons.

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