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I recently saw a quote that stopped me in my tracks. It read: “I thought 2020 was going to be the year I got everything I wanted. Instead, 2020 was the year I appreciated everything I have.” What an awesome perspective!

It’s not too late to redeem this difficult year! We’ve got to move the dial OFF “doom-and-gloom!”

The “happiest season of all” seems the right time to look for the Light – when Love and Peace Himself entered the human condition to save us from our brokenness and restore us to wholeness.

If too much negativity from this tough year has got you down, I hope this short video “Holiday Gratitude Activities” will inspire you to incorporate at least one new practice of gratitude RIGHT NOW.

On top of all the strain in the world this year, my family went through a terrible loss this year when my beloved mother went to heaven unexpectedly. (And those of you who’ve lost a loved one know how that impacts the holidays.) Even though we’ve been really intentional about celebrating our blessings this year, we, too, could use a BOOST and an infusion of joy.

My Christmas Gifts to You

1: FREE PRINTABLE – Holiday Gratitude Activities: Simple Projects to Create Positive Focus (Sign up below to receive this!)

I wanted to help all of us OVERRIDE all the negativity with meaningful positivity and there’s no better time than the Christmas season to practice gratitude.

In my experience, the best way out of your own pit, is to lift someone else out of theirs….so I have put together a fun, free resource for YOU, our friends of Restoring Order. It’s a printable list of EASY projects you can do to practice gratitude right now. It’s got 12 easy-breezy ways that take just minutes to reclaim your year, your holidays, and your frame of mind!

This resource was a collaborative brainchild with my friend Dawn Phillips of the Willamette Connections Academy. We both love families and children, and wanted to share with anyone-needing-a-boost some simple gratitude practices.

Get it here:

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Did you see my last blog? I sent you our featured resource: The Comfort Series.

Do you need to defrag your mind and declutter your home? Are you in need of comfort for your soul and body?

With the ongoing pressures we’re all facing, I recently created this 7 day email series that helps you infuse your home and heart with comfort.

Use this email series tutorials to create a:

  • Restful Bedroom Respite
  • Inspiring Baking Center
  • Relaxing Home Spa
  • Rejuvenating Hobby Space
  • Cozy Evening Routine

As you carve out space in your home to unwind and nest, you will enhance your stability and bring solace to your soul.

Here’s to YOU, our friends of Restoring Order!

I’m sending Comfort and Joy to your home from ours,

Love, Vicki

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Need help reclaiming your life? I’ve got you! Here are YOUR NEXT STEPS to “restore order”:

Organize Your Way to Comfort

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