What do you need to let go of

What do you need to let go of?

One of my clients recently called me to come and help her organize her scrapbook supplies…FUN!  I am always so impressed by the women who can be so creative and put together scrapbooks.  When I showed up at her home we started by discussing the vision for her craft room and how she would use the supplies.  She had been collecting these supplies over a number of years and felt that she never really used them because she never had an organized space to be creative.

While we started sorting all of her supplies into cutting tools, paper, decals, pens and embellishments my client asked me how I like to store pictures.  I told her I actually create digital scrapbooks through snapfish.com where I upload all my pictures.  Then, something magical happens.   Snapfish.com sends me a bound book with all of my pictures and captions!  She looked at me with wide eyes and said, “I didn’t realize there were other options besides using all of these supplies!”

After a long conversation she confessed that she actually did not like to scrapbook at all and in fact wanted to get rid of all of her scrapbook supplies!  What do you have floating around your home taking up both physical and emotional space?  What can you let go of?



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