What are your priorities


What Are Your Priorities?

I ask clients who want to get organize, “What are your priorities?”  Many are startled by the question.  Almost everyone asks for clarification: “What do you mean, my priorities?”

Many believe that organizing your environment is simply about sorting, labeling, storing, and tidying.  They’ve heard that organizing is a controlled process of setting goals and agendas, breaking tasks into manageable parts, and keeping lists.

Organizing your space or time may involve some of these strategies, but true organization is much more. Those who want to order their life in a meaningful way will begin not with strategy but with their priorities – the things that truly matter to them.

A priority is an expression of your guiding beliefs and values.  Attending your child’s soccer games is a goal, but being an engaged, attentive parent is a priority.  If you live by goals, you may feel as if you are ceaselessly striving, because once on goal is reached, it is invariably replaced by another goal.  If you live by your priorities, you can experience true contentment.

I challenge you this week to sit down and write out your priorities.  Do they line up with how you spend your time and money?



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