upgrade your recycle

Grossed out by a mounting pile of recycle? Does it get stuck on your counters and in your garage?

I figured out that I had four kinds of rubbish: Garbage, Recycle, Bottle Return, and Glass. (These may vary depending on what recycling facilities are in your area).

I set up three simple garbage cans with lids (only about $20/ea.) and labeled them. (You’d be amazed how many people don’t read labels.)

The glass goes straight to a bin in the garage because we produce glass recycle less than paper recycle and bottle return.

I positioned my recycle system just outside the kitchen in a breezeway so they blend into the wall a bit.

Start your upgrade by:

  • resolving clogs (places where recyling materials seem to collect)
  • relocating and spiffing bins where appropriate
  • adding bells and whistles as you like

Be sure to also address the bigger recycling issues that typically are relegated to the garage: cardboard recycle, glass, and oversized items. Implement a simple system that allows you to transport it to the curbside.

Hose out gross bins.

Be green and be clean!


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