True Confessions of a Professional Organizer

True Confessions of a Professional Organizer

If you are someone who thinks that “organized” means perfectly coiffed and put-together, I have some “insider information” for you….I’m wearing the same clothes today that I did yesterday and my naptime pillow left me with a bed head hairdo.

If you’ve imagined that a professional organizer must have a slick color-coded (or electronic) system for productive shopping trips, you’ll grin when you learn that I took the kids to Target today and wrote my list in the car on the back of a business card I had in my purse.

“Organized” might not look like you thought, after all. It’s not – at least in my view – about having a Martha Stewart home or perky June Cleaver preparedness. It’s about making room for the things that matter….it’s about LIVING a restored life; one where you are focusing on first things first.  Of course, an orderly home and work life helps clear the way for purposeful living, but “organized” is a means, not an end.

So, today, let yourself off the hook for what you thought “organized” meant and just relax into real, satisfying life where you get to play with your kids, step over the blocks and toys for now, and enjoy a nap on a rainy day…even if you’re left with bed head and pathetic grocery lists.




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