Workplace Wellness Training

Most of us want to improve our health but in a “noisy” marketplace of ideas and advice, where do you begin?

Our purpose at Restoring Order is to help people reclaim their lives, and we believe that effort is holistic. Poor health affects work: unhealthy individuals are more likely to be tired, tardy, and absentee. When you invest in your employee’s health, you’re also investing in their work!

You can implement our Workplace Wellness Training as a wellness benefit to your employees to contribute to the wholeness and longevity of your team.

Our monthly training at your location is intended to be a brown bag lunch format (but time of day can flex to your needs) and kicks off with an orientation to Reclaiming Your Health, and is followed by 11 relevant and simple-to-implement topics.

We customize the topics to those that suit your audience and interests (employees can even be surveyed for their top choices!) Sample topics include:

  • Becoming Your Own Health Advocate
  • De-mystifying Organic & Conventional Foods
  • Reading Food Labels
  • Cleansing & DeToxification
  • Managing Stress
  • Importance of PH
  • Body Mechanics & Mindful Movement
  • Combating Colds & Flu
  • Bolstering Your Immune System

Handouts are provided for note-taking and interaction is encouraged. The ethos of this training is to emphasize accessible and simple things your employees can do NOW to reclaim their health. Studies show that too much information can impede implementation, so high level topics are focused on health reclamation and open forum time is allowed to discuss each subject matter. At the start of each presentation, a brief review of former topics is undertaken to reinforce their increasing health knowledge.

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