Restoring Order® to Your Home: Stop Creeping Clutter for Good

Length: Approximately 45 min. to 1 hour

Are you embarrassed to invite guests into your home? Have you tried everything and are still living with disorganization?

If you’re overwhelmed, stuck in a cycle of endless chaos, and don’t know where to begin, it’s time to “restore order”!  Vicki Norris is a veteran professional organizer and shares her insights to help you take back your household.

You’ll Learn:

  • 3 Household Hot Spots of Disorder
  • 6 Common Organizing Mistakes
  • 5 Steps to Lasting Change
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“I love the spiritual side that Vicki presented! Yes, the purpose of order and organization is so we can live the life God has for us!”

Donna Kaplan

“It was so refreshing to not feel more pressure to be “perfect” at organizing my home. I felt empowered about how to take back control and focus on organization as a lifestyle not a once a year “end all” project!”

Lauren Servino

“Vicki speaks about making organization a lifestyle. I learned that organizing can be a painful process, but it is worth it in the end. Her thoughts are very clearly organized and well-delivered!”

Karen Hamberg

“There is too much to itemize about what I liked best from this presentation. As far as what I will implement first, I will prune, establish systems, and determine purposes.”

Hez Bolton

“Vicki makes very good points, especially in helping us understand that this is a process, not a quick fix. It was a clear, entertaining presentation. I will begin establishing a purpose for each of my rooms.”

Ardyce Johnson

“Vicki’s presentation was excellent! I liked her theories of the “total burn down” and the “Pain Tunnel.” I am inspired to prune my closet and go through every paper in the office area.”

Ginny Tabor


“I just wanted to thank you for helping make our event on Saturday a success. We were so pleased with the turnout and the interest level. You were on time, organized (of course) and delivered everything you said you would. It is so refreshing to work with a professional company of that caliber! I certainly hope you will consider working with us again in the future.”

Lora Szaraniec, Marketing Coordinator; Riverside Homes, Inc.


“‘Begin with what you know and it will develop.’ That sounds doable to me and gives me hope.”

Amy Tang

“You are incredibly inspiring. Do what you know first! Start somewhere even if you are overwhelmed.”

Tracy Brinkley, CAbi/ Refining Style

“I love your humor and your stories! Do what you know first. Thank you!”

Cindy Francois, Nutrition Department; PCC Sylvania

“Vicki is a very engaging, lively speaker. She’s funny, concise, and informative. The one theme that stands out to me is that organizing is personal, not a one size fits all concept.”

Amanda Jensen, Columbia Mortgage


“Vicki is a dynamic presenter that educates, inspires and empowers her listeners into action. In her “Restoring Order to Your Home” presentation, Vicki was able to make these women understand the reasons behind disorganization and in her own fun way, get them to feel good about their situation, and inspire them to make the necessary changes to tackle the tough projects.”

Shelly Rath, Realtor and “Branch Out Brunch” host


“We all walked away with the knowledge and power to make lasting changes in our lives. I look forward to having Vicki present on other topics in the future. Her professionalism, witty personality, and knowledge of organizing has surpassed all of my expectations in a presenter and entrepreneur.”

Shelly Rath, Realtor and “Branch Out Brunch” host

“In Vicki’s keynote presentation, “Restoring Order to Your Home,” she brought practicality to the lives of busy moms by focusing on the three household spots that give us the biggest organizational challenges—and for that fact perhaps the biggest headaches too.
Through Vicki’s engaging and lively style we learned the mistakes that derail our organizing efforts and realistic approaches to overcome them to make our spaces work for us.” [part 1] 

Tanya Russell, Co-leader; Sunset Moms Group, a ministry of Sunset Presbyterian Church

“Vicki’s passion for her work translates into a transparent and genuine desire to help people order their life. As Vicki expressed, organization is more than finding a place for our belongings, it is about ordering our life. Organizing is a means to an end, so that we may focus on what God calls us to do.
Her sense of humor, along with her life experience, made for a wonderful morning together.
Thank you Vicki for sharing your passion for life and God with us so that we may to “restore order” to our homes and lives.” [part 2]

Tanya Russell, Co-leader; Sunset Moms Group, a ministry of Sunset Presbyterian Church

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