Reclaim Your Health

Length: 4 hour workshop

Would you like to improve your health, but don’t even know where to begin? Did you know that your home is full of clues that will actually help you discover the keys to your own health? Are you tired of “quick fixes” that don’t work and ready to step into holistic health that includes your space, body, mind, and spirit?

This engaging half day workshop expands upon the Reclaim Your Health keynote subject matter and offers attendees an opportunity to dig deep into their space, mind, and spirit to become their own health advocates! Attendees will engage in discussion forums and personal discovery that will jump start their own reclamation process.

Vicki takes you on a very personal journey – that began with their own family’s health crisis – to discover what may be out-of-order in your health and what to do about it. She shares a process to treasure hunt your space, which will reveal clues to your own health. Come to this workshop ready to ditch shortcuts, overwhelm and guilt and get inspired to embrace a lifestyle of holistic health!

You’ll learn:

  • Some common denominators regarding health
  • What holistic health really means
  • The definition of wholeness
  • Two mindsets we need to eliminate in order to take back our health
  • Common health issues
  • How to be a health detective in your own home
  • What’s important to you about your health
  • How to contribute to the health of your BODY
  • How to contribute to the health of your MIND & SOUL
  • A discovery process to identify and prioritize adjustments you can make
  • How simple steps now can enhance and extend your quality and quantity of life!


“Thanks again for the lovely gift of time from you and your staff.  I really enjoyed the “gift” of learning more about health. I already am swishing my teeth with coconut oil and cleaned out my medications. Looking forward to listening to all the DVD’s I bought and putting what is heard into practice.”

Shelley Stuewe, Corvallis, OR

 “I learned so many things plus a whole host of resources.  Thank you so much; a wonderful event.”

Bonnie Schulson, Tigard, OR

“It was whole…we didn’t focus on one, two, or even three things about health-we focused on everything that is “health”.

Heather Weast, Portland, OR


“It was a totally positive and empowering delivery of information and instruction.”

Nancy Lidwin, Waukesha, WI


“Simple solutions. Get rid of aluminum containing antiperspirant! Clean out pantry; look at ingredients, medicines.”

Liz Hahn, Springfield, OR



“The message of how important it is to balance body, soul and spirit.  The importance of starting NOW!”

Tiffany Piscitelli, Sherwood, OR



“We need to be Nancy Drew for health and home.”

Kathleen Williams, Sherwood, OR

“Solid information I can apply immediately.”

Mickie Riverman, Sherwood, OR

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    Rated 5.00 out of 5

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