A Treasure Hunt to Discover the Landscape of Your Purpose

In today’s times, we have more books and programs written about “purpose” than ever before. But believers are still confused about the biggest questions in life:

  • Why did God make me?
  • How am I unique?
  • What am I sent to do in the world? 

PurposeScape™: A Treasure Hunt to Discover the Landscape of Your Purpose is THE ESSENTIAL Reclaim Your Spirit curriculum.

It’s a multi-session series where you learn about the BIG PLAN and your place in it. You will gather and organize the clues that God has given you throughout your life about your own unique design. PurposeScape is a treasure hunt about YOU!

Experience one of a kind community events

Ready for Your Treasure Hunt?


Join Vicki Norris for this Multi-Session Treasure Hunt About YOU:

  • Course Introduction & Group Fellowship
  • How to Hunt Your Purpose
  • Decoding Common Christian Catchphrases Related to Purpose
  • Identity – The Starting Point
  • Begin Treasure Hunting YOU

  • The Explosive Full Gospel You May Not Have Heard
  • The Kingdom – It’s Not Heaven & It Changes Everything
  • Our Purpose in Context – One Piece of the Big Plan
  • “Garden Living” – The Original Victorious Life
  • Treasure Hunting YOU

  • Righteousness – The Truth that Blows Minds & Religion
  • God’s Purposes Defined – What is He Trying to Accomplish?
  • Our Participation in His Purposes
  • Soul Healing – Going to Holy Spirit Hospital
  • Treasure Hunting YOU

  • Divine Design – Fashioned Like Him
  • We Are Insiders – We Have Secret Insight
  • Purpose & Work – How Our Role Connects to Work
  • Pay it Forward – Infected People Infect Others
  • Treasure Hunting YOU

  • Garden Living Update
  • Previous Sessions Review
  • Processing Personal Discovery & Treasure Hunt
  • Fulfilling Work – Critical Elements of Impactful Work
  • Operating in Community
  • Where to Go From Here
  • Group Commissioning


Students in the October 2014 session shared these revelations they learned through PurposeScape that changed their life:

  • The Kingdom of God is within me
  • I now do things WITH my God, not FOR my God
  • Heavenly Father gave US the authority to act out His purpose
  • Seeing & hearing the Kingdom of God is based on your heart being open to the Holy Spirit
  • I am the answer
  • Nothing can change God’s love for me
  • Sin = not receiving your full portion (you forgot to open all your presents, so you are not full in your spirit. Your train is out of order!)
  • We are here to bring back God’s royal seed
  • Righteousness is a place of proper order
  • The Kingdom is about relationship
  • Righteousness is not by my works
  • The truth will set you free
  • Be the bread basket of life
  • Doing vs. being
  • Forgiveness is a gift to be used all the time. You can’t run out of forgiveness
  • I am the reflection of my Father in me
  • Be righteous, don’t try to DO righteous
  • Sin is not having received your portion
  • It’s our turn to bring our royal family home to where they belong
  • I am made in my Father’s image and He made me this way intentionally
  • I am made for greatness
  • I honor God, God honors me
  • Lord God created us to fill a role that needed our presence in His royal government
  • Keep eternal perspective
  • Throw away the playbook; only God knows the playbook for which YOU are to live by
  • Holy Spirit will let us know what we need healed from; just ask Him
  • The righteous do the work and don’t know it because they are focused on God’s business
  • It’s not about DOING but it’s about BEING
  • I have been liquefied! I am truly a NEW BEING – praise God!
  • I am a portal to heaven
  • When we accept Christ and we come into a new life, we liquefy our past and who we were and come into a new life & being
  • We cannot operate in the Kingdom without the Holy Ghost
  • In poverty mindset, spiritual attacks are a “good thing” but in the Kingdom we expect God’s protection and blessing after prayer
  • We are new creatures in Christ; we can’t change back into who we were
  • In His presence is where REST is found
  • Live as the person God created. No longer conform to the ways of this world.
  • Time is not wasted. Our God is eternal

The reality of heaven has penetrated my heart. The thankfulness and presence of His presence is humbling and honoring. What I have been saved from is huge, but what I have been saved INTO is INCREDIBLE. What I have been separated from…but what I have been separated TO is life – abundant life in Him!! IN Him! From this class I have had a growing revelation of who He is and now I have an excitement and anticipation for the days ahead. I gained an understanding of His plan and purpose. Thank you for your obedience to share with us with zeal! –Kathleen Malin

One of your PurposeScape intercessors prayed for our business. The following week God brought us a fantastic business coach! –Tim Hare

My heart has been healed from ill words. I am so thankful to accept the Kingdom! –Anonymous

This has been an opening of avenues of new relationships for me. –Anonymous

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