Frank and Hillary were completely overwhelmed when they called Restoring Order.  Frank had just inherited his father’s house full of his stuff and Hillary had no room for her things in the home.  Frank’s father received a grant to build a handicap accessible wing to the back of his home.  He lived in this wing with regular in-home care as he aged to the point where he needed more care.  He moved into a full-time residential facility and left Frank, and his girlfriend Hillary to clean up the family home.  The overwhelming amount of medical supplies, clothes, and furniture stumped them and they turned to Restoring Order. 

Over a series of 8 appointments, we were able to radically transform this home for our clients. Together, we tackled the handicap accessible wing, a large closet, and the sitting room. We want to share what we did to overhaul these spaces in a 3-part blog series.

Clearing Out Family Home

#1: The Bedroom

We began in the handicap accessible wing fully equipped with a walk-in closet and handicapped bathroom.  The medical supplies were piled high: Gloves, c-pap machine supplies, tissue, bandages, ice bags, dental supplies, you name it – we had it! There was a scooter, two medical bedside trays, a commode, walker, about 6 walking canes.  They also had inherited furniture, clothes, and electronics.

First we began by macro sorting the bedroom.  We started in one corner and began to gather like items: medical supplies, clothes, books, memorabilia, etc.  We were a great team as Frank and I sorted, Hillary began inventorying and bagging up donations.  We were stumped as to how and where to donate all the medical supplies.  After some research, Hillary discovered NW Medical supplies and I found Medical Teams International.  Between the two, we were able to donate almost all the medical supplies! (Check out our blog series on Giving Well for ideas on where to pay it forward and donate items where they are needed.)

After 20 hours of hard work, the bedroom (which first was a wing to make Frank’s father comfortable as his health declined) became a true master suite for Frank and Hillary to live in and enjoy!  They were able to clean the carpets, repaint the walls a color they choose and move furniture into the room that fit their needs.  Hillary was also able to bring some of her personal items and décor into the room to add touches of her style.

Here are the before and after pictures that show the dramatic change that we made in this space:

Cluttered Bedroom Before


Organized Bedroom After

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