Frank and Hillary were completely overwhelmed when they called Restoring Order. Frank had just inherited his father’s house full of his stuff and Hillary had no room for her things in the home. Frank’s father received a grant to build a handicap accessible wing to the back of his home. He lived in this wing with regular in-home care as he aged to the point where he needed more care. He moved into a full-time residential facility and left Frank, and his girlfriend Hillary to clean up the family home. The overwhelming amount of medical supplies, clothes, and furniture stumped them and they turned to Restoring Order.

Over a series of 8 appointments, we were able to radically transform this home for our clients. Together, we tackled the handicap accessible wing, a large closet, and the sitting room. We want to share what we did to overhaul these spaces in a 3-part blog series.

Cluttered Closet Before and After

#2: The Closet

We then moved on to clearing out the closet.  We found an overwhelming amount of DVDs , most of them unopened.  We come across plenty of clothes and more medical supplies.  We also discovered paper.  Lots of paper.  Restoring Order prefers to begin with helping our client organize their paper but for Frank and Hillary, their greatest pain was the medical wing and so we simply put the paper aside to be sorted and organized later.

**It is crucial to come back to the paper and organize it.  We were able to sort and organize their paper after this project and now they have an awesome filing system! **

We began to sort and inventory the DVDs which were then donated to the Library.  We continued to prune clothes and medical supplies.  We donated all the medical supplies to NW Medical.  For this project, it was crucial to completely clear out the space so we could do a full “reset” on this space.

Once the space was clear, we brought in the Closet Factory.  Restoring Order has worked with the Closet Factory for many years now and we love the custom built design they do for our clients.

This closet especially needed an install for many reasons.  First, the vertical space was not being used properly.  They needed more hanging storage.  Second, the closet which resided in the handicapped wing of the house wasn’t even handicapped accessible since the level of hanging storage was so high.  A huge plus with Closet Factory is that everything is adjustable from hanging space to shelving.  Third, the closet was so big and far from the rest of the home that linen shelving was essential.  Now Frank and Hillary have a true Master Closet with a lot of storage!

Cluttered Walk In Closet

Organized Closet After

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