New Years Resolutions

Hi! I’m Kara, the Communications Manager at Restoring Order. (You can read my bio here)

This is the time of year when we all make resolutions in hopes of accomplishing those things we wish we were doing.  But, it’s no secret that we’re not very good at following through!

Maybe resolutions aren’t your thing (this year I’ve decided to do the My One Word approach instead. My word this year is “Mindful”). But, if you are a resolution maker, this is about the time you start promising yourself that you’re actually going to follow through this year (or you start the daily beat-yourself-up session when you don’t).

Getting organized is the second most common resolution that people make, so it is very fitting that January is Get Organized month! The perfect time to start!

Whether you have made a resolution (or a list of resolutions), are choosing a focus word, or are just generally interested in accomplishing the important things, here are a couple questions to ask yourself to help you if find yourself stumbling:

1. Why did I put this resolution on my list? Is it something that is really important to me? Is it something I think I “should” do?

If you answered yes that it’s important to you, go to question #2.

If it’s just something you think you “should” do, consider what’s behind the resolution.

For example, maybe your resolution is to call your mom every day. But, each night before bed you beat yourself up for not doing it once again. You put it on your list because you feel like a person “should” call their mom. But, maybe what’s behind that resolution is actually just wanting to be connected with your mom and to communicate how much your mom means to you. Knowing that, is there a different set of actions, besides a daily call, that would fulfill those intentions and actually be enjoyable and fun? Maybe you need to re-work your resolutions!

2. If this resolution is really a priority to you, what is stopping you from fulfilling on it? Not enough information? Don’t know where to start? Bad habits? No habits? Scared of something?

Identifying what’s standing in your way can be a key to actually acting on your resolution.

If what’s stopping you is that your resolution seems too big, start by doing what you know first. This is also a helpful organizing tip that Vicki mentions in her book Reclaim Your Life and Get Organized for Good: Do what you know first and what you don’t know will resolve itself with time. Don’t allow yourself to be blocked by focusing on all you don’t know. If you really look, there is some action you know you can take.   

3. What is one action you could take TODAY?

The most important thing is to just get started – take an action! Even if this action is to tell one person about your resolution, it will get you closer to your goal. In fact, this is a great first step!

Speaking your resolution out loud to another person opens opportunities for outside input and help!

Or, maybe an action you could take today is putting something on your calendar or doing a little research. Whatever it is for you that is an action you can take today – go do it!


When it comes down to it, resolutions are just a reflection of our desire for a fresh start. To commit ourselves to actually living out our priorities this year and to making our life mean something. To live intentionally rather than reactively.

So, whether you make resolutions or are just resolved to live a wonderful life, these questions can help you take a look at those things you *say* are important to you and then actually ACT ON THEM if they are.

Want to take a first step? Share below what you’re committed to doing this year!


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