Maybe there's a reason you don't fit in


There’s a Reason You Don’t Fit In

Often in life I have felt like an outlier.

In elementary and middle school I never really fit in. I would not be categorized.

I liked hanging out with my brothers friends – a year older – and I had a few close friends but never a big group.

In the 6th grade I had a growth spurt and  I stood head and shoulders above the boys. Talk about awkward. That year, my brother actually paid his friend to dance with me at the middle school dance. I was crushed.

In high school, I was never in the popular crowd. In fact, the popular crowd didn’t like me much. Why? I didn’t conform. I didn’t join in the things they did that I knew were not a part of who I was. My senior high school quote was “When you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.” Pretty much sums it up.

Even in my professional life, I was never an “organizer,” I always knew that a title didn’t really capture who I was. (And have you ever “fit in” UNTIL you started to succeed and stand out?) Yup, I know how you feel.

Are you like me? In life, have you refused to be boxed in, and have you paid a few consequences for that?

Well, did you know there’s a reason for that? You were created to stand out!

There is no one else like you. No one else that has a fingerprint just like yours. All your features were intentional, all the gifts that were poured into you were given for a reason.

The year you were conceived, the Creator looked across the earth and DECIDED to birth you into the earth. Because you were needed. You filled a gap that needed filling. You are a solution that this world needs. In fact, you were sent to solve problems. (A key to discovering your purpose is to find out what you possess that others need.)

You sing a song no one else can sing. Your unique combination of features, talents, and gifts are a kaleidoscope unlike any other.

So go ahead, be OUTSTANDING. Watch “them” try to figure out how to build a different box to contain you. Never let anything or anyone shut you in, or shut you down.

Be the impeccable, irresistible you who was created to to rise above. When the real you shows up, the world will have to recalculate and refigure.

Uniquely yours,
Vicki Norris


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