Removing Lack - Key to Unlock the Dream Life

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Recognizing & Removing LACK in Your Life

Are you ready to be invited inside my mind and into my past? Are you prepared to get REAL and talk about the hard stuff?

I am passionate about you coming into YOUR BEST LIFE, so I want to give you a key that will unlock the door to abundance. This key is like a secret password. Without it, you cannot access the Dream Life.

So, in order to help you get through the door into your Dream Life, I have decided to share with you an anxious, dark reality that pursued me my whole life (up until recent years). Because I have a sneaking suspicion that you may have similar struggles…..

I am going to show you how I nabbed it and how I kicked it out of my life, and how doing so set me free to access the Dream Life. I am willing to share this darkness with you in hopes that YOU will be emboldened to TRADE UP to the truth like I did.

Apprehending this stealthy thief has been critical – I mean absolutely necessary – to stepping into my purpose and potential.

Here’s some of the ways this nasty thief has showed up in my life:

  • Anxiety. I have never been able to take naps. I would wake up in a panic that I missed something or was tragically late, with heart pounding guilt for being unavailable– even for a brief moment.
  • Shortchanging Myself. Throughout my life, I haven’t been very good at setting aside time for myself. A few years ago, my husband got me a membership to a monthly massage program. I frequently found myself months and months behind in using them. Why? Because I felt pressured to “get stuff done” and felt like I was shorting my family when I would slip away for an hour or two by myself.
  • Overwhelm. My to do list has been my lifelong schoolmaster. Just as fast as I could check things off, dozens more items appeared, driving me into a sense of overwhelm that I could never catch up. I became convinced that I was behind in life; that other people somehow were “on top of things” but I lived in a perpetual state of not measuring up.
  • Pauper Thinking. When it came to money, I have been a discount shopper, coupon clipper, and re-purposer. While we should be wise with our money, my particular brand of conscientiousness was actually FEAR of NOT HAVING ENOUGH masquerading as thriftiness. With every purchase, I rued the cost and feared the consequences.

I rationalized these realities in many ways. I thought I was just “driven” and had a hard time relaxing. I prided myself in being productive, so I chalked this up to “stress.” And about the money….I just figured if I had more of it, I wouldn’t be so strapped. I thought everyone dealt with the same stuff, and while I don’t know the answer to that, I now suspect that I was right.

And then….a few years ago, I made an earth-shattering discovery as I searched my soul for the root of this problem.

I discovered that in fact all these manifestations of stress and fear were from the same dark seed: the poverty spirit.

Now, the poverty spirit isn’t about lack of money. It’s about just about lack.

ü  It’s the culprit that tells us there is scarce supply, so we must conserve, work harder, try more.

ü  It’s the critical voice that insinuates: “Your efforts aren’t enough, and in fact, YOU are not enough.”

ü  Poverty spirit makes us run on the hamster wheel of life, but not really getting anywhere we were meant to go.

ü  It makes us feel like we’re being chased, hounded, and stalked.

ü  No matter how much we gain, this thief steals it and makes us work for more.

Now that you see how this insidious spirit operates, you hopefully are ready to KICK IT OUT of your life so that you can find PEACE like I did!

Once I recognized that the root of my stress, pressure, and fear was in fact FEAR OF LACK, I was empowered to do something about it.

So, here’s what I learned about the binding arrangement I suffered from and what I did about it:

  1. I realized I had been in contractual relationship with it – it bound me, and I had been letting it do so!! I knew I had to get out of that unfair, smothering, contractual agreement. I did this out loud. I announced to the thief: “I break with you! Get out of my life, poverty spirit!”
  2. Now, we all know from organizing that restoration isn’t just removing what you DON’T want (like taking out your donations or trash); it’s also inserting what you DO want. So, I made a new agreement! I traded UP to PEACE. Instead of allowing myself to deal with LACK; I traded up to abundance.

 I know this topic is kind of different from the light and airy Dream Life post you might expect from a life manager.

Yet I know from personal experience that we simply cannot access our best life if we are stuck in the past or with limited beliefs. Especially when those beliefs abuse us! As we think, so we are.

So, I hope that this key OUT from the darkness of lack and INTO the light of abundance will help you unlock your Dream Life. I hope that sharing from my own experience will help fast track your access to a full, peaceful, inspired life!!

Thanks for reading along with our Primer to Living the Dream Life series.
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