Willamette-Humane-Society-Testimonial - Solved Organizing Challenges
We are a high-volume humane society with many volunteers. We have been struggling with workflow in our office and exam areas for over a decade. We needed help to make our offices run more efficiently. When our staff is able to do their jobs efficiently, they are happier and stick around longer, which means the animals get more experienced handling and support.

We realized that we couldn’t solve the problems we faced on our own. We needed somebody outside the organization to come in and show us how to organize our spaces and to give us systems that we are going to be able to maintain.

Vicki and her team of organizers overhauled our office and exam areas. The Restoring Order team trained our staff on organizing strategies and then dug in and helped us apply those strategies throughout our offices. They led a round-table discussion to solve long-standing organizing challenges.

The results are absolutely amazing. We learned many great organizing principles that will make a difference here and in our own lives.

Thank you, Restoring Order, for coming and showing us how to do this. I’m so impressed and our offices have never looked so good!

Behind the Scenes of this Organizing Project:


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