Vicki Norris changed my lifeVicki Norris changed my life.  I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true.  Before Vicki and the Restoring Order team revamped my closet and kitchen, I wasted so much time looking for things when I needed them.  I had no sense of order in my home.  My cupboards were cluttered, and my bedroom closet looked like a tornado had ripped through it.  My house was a mess.

Enter Vicki.  She started with my bedroom closet.  It was a disaster. Heaps of clothes and shoes, laundry and random accessories.  I couldn’t see what all was in it because there was no lighting.  Vicki and her team fixed that right away, installing battery-operated motion sensor lights.  Voila, I could see my clothes at last!  Next, Vicki sifted through all the things I no longer wore so I could donate them, what a cleansing process!  She color-coded and categorized my clothes so that now, getting dressed in the morning is a breeze.  The best part though?  She created a “shoe bar” and a “denim bar” for all my shoes and jeans.  Life-changing!  It has been 10 months since Vicki and Restoring Order worked their magic on my closet, and I still walk by it sometimes and smile.  Seeing everything in its place just makes me happy. 

Now for the kitchen.  This is where Vicki brought me tears of joy with her brilliant work.  My kitchen is tiny.  It didn’t have a table.  I was spending my evenings cooking and doing dishes in a cramped, dark space.  Sweet Vicki walks in and says, “Stephanie, you poor thing, you’re all alone in this kitchen.”  No wonder I dreaded the evenings!  She figured out a way to put a little table with two chairs in the kitchen, so now my son can keep me company and tell me stories about school while I work on getting dinner on the table.  In the mornings, he eats his cereal while I drink my coffee at the table and read to him.  My husband will come home from work, sit at the table and tell me about his day.  So many memories have been created in this space that was once so dark and lonely!   We love the kitchen now.

I should also mention Vicki completely cleaned out and reorganized every cupboard and drawer in the space and now I have no problem finding what I need when I’m cooking!

Vicki and Restoring Order, I am eternally grateful for your life-changing help.  I think of you every time I open a cupboard, drawer or my closet…and I grin from ear to ear.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Behind the Scenes of this Organizing Project:


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