Diane Bray Transforming My Entire Life

A year and a half ago, I downsized everything I owned and changed my entire life! Vicki helped me do this!

I retired, sold my home of 35 years, said goodbye to friends and family, got married, and moved across country to live with my new husband.

Before I left my old town, I seriously down-sized everything. In my downsizing efforts, I thought of Vicki SO MUCH! I said, “What would Vicki do???” I picked up everything I owned and said “Do I need it, do I use it, do I love it?” If my items didn’t fall into any of those categories, it was sold, recycled, or given away. I even gave my car and furniture to my son!

My husband and I would like to be as paperless as possible, also. To accomplish that, I’ve spent time lately scanning, recycling, or shredding most of my papers, and my husband has done the same. I’ve gotten savvy with my electronic files and can find everything I need, and I’m careful to back up my work! I often thought of Vicki as I burned up one shredder!

My husband will retire soon and we are going to travel around the country to find our retirement destination. We’ve talked about living for short periods of time overseas as well, before we settle down. We have good health, time and money, and nothing is holding us back. I’ve been to 40 countries so far, and want to keep going!

All of this was done in my effort to be happily retired and downsized. I know that stuff doesn’t make me happy, but relationships do. Vicki and her teachings have made such a difference in my life!

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