Took my organization to a new levelI want to express my appreciation for Vicki and Restoring Order.  She gave me employment at a very low point in my life.  I was unable to do court reporting and my skills did not seem to translate to any field that would even look at my resume.  I appreciate and am grateful that Vicki looked beyond the paper.

On the outside people would have thought I was organized, but Vicki took me to a whole new zenith!  Her 5 P’s of paper transformed not only my own life, but I was privileged to help clients also streamline the way they processed the paper in their lives.  When I had to downsize and move from my home of 20 years, I implemented the preparing for a move strategies I learned from Vicki.  What a difference that made.

I shared so many rewarding experiences from complete garage overhauls and putting together garage systems, whole home team projects, to people who wanted monthly maintenance. It was a privilege that the wonderful clients allowed me into their homes and their lives to transform spaces.  It is always way more about human beings than the stuff.

Thank you, Vicki, and Restoring Order for all you taught me and the valuable service you provide.

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