Stephanie & Henry Magno Client Story & TestimonialI was first introduced to Vicki in 2011 through a friend who shared Vicki’s Trading Big for Great teaching for a business class. At this time I was in an intense soul-seeking season – distraught about the ‘why’ of where I was in life. Why were fatigue, panic and anxiety tormenting me to the point I could no longer work? Why couldn’t we get ahead financially? Why are we drowning in the whoa’s of “life”? At my kitchen table listening to Trading Big for Great, I knew….this was my message. Vicki had something in her I had been seeking all my life. God used Trading Big for Great as a seed.

I began coaching with Vicki in August 2012. Vicki was very mindful, professional and right on. She seemed to have a knowing that I had never experienced before, a focused sight into the very needs of my soul. It was quite refreshing. Vicki gave me practical everyday life tools that I still use to this day to navigate and bring healing and most importantly freedom. Through coaching I experienced the outworking of the kingdom of love in a way I had never known before – a love that seemed to be endlessly poured out in unimaginable measures and with experiential power effectively dissolving the dark tar paper of oppression over my life.

My husband joined me in coaching February of 2015. Our marriage has prospered with enormous gain allowing an experiential rest and unity I can only describe as relational bliss. The outworking of coaching with Vicki as a couple first and foremost has transformed our view of each other and thus our home life. I have discovered and been awakened to the beautiful depths of Henry which has effectively dissolved prior ‘annoyances’ I used to have. Secondly, as we have discovered unity together, “our work” seemed to fall into place. The more we understand who we are, the clearer we see to make decisions in business, which is proving to be powerfully fruitful.

We are entirely grateful to Vicki and Trevor Norris of Restoring Order to laying down their lives in obedience to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and set the captives free. Thank you Restoring Order for helping us in Reclaiming our Spirit!!!!!

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