Becker Family Client Story & TestimonialI first called Restoring Order after my husband and I added our fourth child to an already chaotic home.  I was completely overwhelmed with just the daily needs for our family and our house was quickly showing the effect.  I couldn’t find anything in a timely fashion and the clutter was taking over our lives.

Then Restoring Order sent a wonderful consultant, a brilliant modern day Mary Poppins and organizer extraordinaire, to come rescue me.  She helped prioritize our organizing needs and taught me that although my house might not always be perfect with so many small children it can be orderly and efficient and easy to pick up for when company comes!

From playroom to pantry, I can find what I need when I need it. Gone are the days of dread when I have to locate a birth certificate or even a battery for a favorite toy.  My six year old daughter is even learning how to organize and care for her room, an added bonus!

I highly recommend Restoring Order.  Not only did this wonderful company “restore order” for my family, they helped restore our peace of mind and the ability for my husband and I to truly be able to enjoy our children!

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