Susan Figg Client Story & TestimonialI first contacted Restoring Order for my office.  It was filled with boxes of paperwork and no filing system.  Restoring Order’s consultant worked with me on and off for about a month sorting through paperwork, creating a filing system, including a household reference binder, which I use on a daily basis.  When the project was completed, I had a well-organized office with a filing system that was easy to use and maintain.  I also had peace of mind knowing that every time I walked into my office, that overwhelming feeling I used to get was gone.

I, again, contacted Restoring Order for my garage.  I am creating a “man-cave” for my 14-year old son and his friends.  My consultant, Elaine Kresta, is awesome.  She is a powerhouse of energy and resourcefulness.  When I was unsure about how to pair down items like 12 tape measures, she made the process easy.  Elaine and I started the project in May and it should be completed around the first part of September.

I love Restoring Order.  They have given me peace of mind!  Thank you.


Susan Figg

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