I LOVE my new filing and paper management systems! Working with Restoring Order to overhaul our paper systems was hands down the best thing we have EVER done for our therapy practice and home operations.

Prior to Restoring Order saving us from our paper we had a health issue, a personal move and a business move. Due to transitioning our business from a brick-and-mortar to a mobile home office we ended up with merged home and business paper systems that just weren’t working. We had severe backlog and our files were clunky and confusing.

After Restoring Order, all our paper systems are a smoothly operating machine, from the filing system to our processing system to our projects.

I can now find exactly what I need in a matter of moments, I have peace of mind knowing important documents are safe and in an easy to find location. This system saves me time and money EVERY day. The best thing is that it is such an intuitive filing system that anyone coming in the office can file a paper just following the clearly labeled drawers, primary category then subcategory. It’s AMAZING!

The paper systems that Restoring Order helped us customize to our needs have taken a load off of me personally since I was the only one who really knew where to find something. Our new system works for everyone. I’m in awe.

Going through this organization process inspired me to become an Order Restorer and help others dig out! If you are reading this and have never had a paper overhaul by Restoring Order…..don’t wait another minute it will continue to repay you year after year in peace of mind, time and therefore business growth and money. Best move we have every made in our business.

Behind the Scenes of this Organizing Project:

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