Restoring Order has been coming to my house for about a year and a half and I’m really glad they have because I’ve tossed out lots and lots and lots and lots of junk; papers and things.

We had an unexpected water disaster a month ago and I’m grateful that they were here because I didn’t lose memorabilia.

Things were in boxes; not that much really was destroyed. A lot of stuff was preserved; I was very grateful.

It really works; it’s amazing.  She just takes you through step by step. 

There’s some pain but I couldn’t have done it without them. I think even though there is a pain tunnel having to go through every piece, or every book, or every memento, you have somebody there to help you, guide you every minute.  Especially when it gets hard.

My big goal is to do more hospitality but with a house full of clutter you don’t want people over.  I tried to do it alone and it hadn’t worked.  So, I really appreciate Restoring Order; I couldn’t have done it by myself.

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