Security First Advisors Client Story & TestimonialI’m a Certified Financial Planner and co-owner of Securities First Advisors – a registered investment advisory firm. I met Restoring Order’s owner Vicki Norris through a shared philanthropic organization. I hired Restoring Order to get some things cleaned up in our business since we had been in business 15 years and we were experiencing growth; it seemed like a good time for a review. I knew we could use help, but did not realize at the time the scope of their areas of expertise.

Our consulting endeavor began with Vicki conducting a thorough Intake Assessment and interview with each of the three partners of our firm, as well as our Chief Operating Officer. After gathering the “state of the union,” we identified my office, the reception front desk area, and workflow as primary focuses.

Restoring Order overhauled my office, established a working filing system, and implemented a flow for paper and actionable projects across my desk. I was impressed with the detailed understanding that they took the time to gather about the way I work and think before any single system was put in place. My newly organized office – to the surprise of my staff- has been maintained because my new systems were crafted using my own thought processes and work style.

After interviewing our receptionist and reviewing our community-use systems, Restoring Order organized this station, overhauled the shared files, and streamlined our front desk operations.

Seven of our employees were interviewed, and Vicki began job descriptions for internal completion. She spent dedicated time with our Chief Operating Officer and one of our other partners, reviewing these key employee’s workstations, processes, and capacity issues.

Additional outcomes of our work with Restoring Order were:

  • An updated organizational chart
  • Recommendation to begin a training program and detailed input
  • Recommendations for floor plan and staff optimization in anticipation of a move
  • Records management recommendations
  • Work allocation recommendations including specific adjustments to free up key employees and make room for further expansion

Our partners and staff were impressed with the depth of discovery work, professional service, and work products of Restoring Order. This organizational “update” of our company was perfectly timed on the cusp of significant diversification and growth.

We found that Restoring Order could help with much more than office organizing; they brought valuable input in our HR, training, records, and day-to-day operations. I recommend Restoring Order to any business that wants to fine-tune their processes, maximize their staff, and position for growth.

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