Scott & Tawnya Landis Client Story & TestimonialTawnya and I have literally experienced a life transformed by working with Vicki, Trevor, and Restoring Order over the last few years. We originally learned about Vicki in the late spring of 2012 when she was a featured speaker at a networking and training event at the Portland Convention Center. That summer we took a class called Biblical Entrepreneurship offered at Restoring Order. Later we went on to attend several events at Restoring Order including PurposeScape and her First Thursday ministry events at Dream Acres.

Vicki’s unique teaching style and her message of breaking free from everything that holds you back and stepping in to the person you’re created to be has simply become WHO WE ARE. We consider ourselves disciples of her message; helping others to break free through our own coaching “miz-ness” (ministry + business – one of Vicki’s coined phrases!). Because our lives are so RE-newed by what we have learned, we think of the Norris’s with great love and fondness…they’re like Spiritual Parents continuing to bless us with wisdom and encouragement.

Too many these days are so DIStracted by the “good things” of this world…. money, religion, relationships, entertainment…. that they don’t have ears to hear. But if you are like we were…sick and tired of being SICK AND TIRED, you can not find a better place than Restoring Order to let go of the “old you” / life / business, and step up to the life you always hoped possible.

It is not always easy, but it IS simple, to have the life you were destined for. We are proof of that. We are so thankful for what has been poured into us at Restoring Order.

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