Peggy Collin Client Story & TestimonialRestoring Order has been an important part of my life since I met Vicki in 2010. I will be forever grateful for the help and encouragement I received from various consultants.

They have taught me how to manage paper, steward my finances, get my calendar congruent with the priorities in my life, and put many systems into place. I also received help with hiring practices, including developing a hiring model and interview questions. Over and over again these new skills and processes have benefited me and my company – what a great investment!

The things I’ve learned from Restoring Order are used on a daily basis and have become part of my DNA. When I’m challenged by recurring organizational issues, I can hear the consultants in my head, encouraging me on, and I accomplish the task at hand.

Restoring Order has helped me grow professionally as a small business owner, as well as personally – in so many ways! They are caring and attentive, always encouraging and it’s hard to express the deep impact they’ve had on my life. The work they do is excellent, but it really goes beyond that. My life is better because of Restoring Order and the influence of Vicki and her staff.

Behind the Scenes of this Organizing Project:


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