Peaceful Start in New HomeI hired Restoring Order to help me with the transition from 3,000 sf house to a 2,000 sf house. I wanted help planning the move, determining which furniture could move to the new home, and with space planning. I also wanted help in setting up systems so the new home could function smoothly. I lost several key rooms in the move including a play room, an office and a downstairs laundry/mudroom. I have four busy kids and work full time. I needed help figuring out how to best keep our busy lives flowing in a new environment.

Organizing is personal and can be emotional. I chose to work with Restoring Order because I had met the consultant in a professional setting and I knew she could walk me through the process in a caring way. She was sensitive to the dynamics of what was going on in my life.

One of the biggest benefits of working with Restoring Order was keeping the process moving forward. I tend to procrastinate. Knowing Restoring Order was coming gave me incentive to complete projects and buy what I needed to be successful at our next appointment.

Projects can be very overwhelming to me; it’s nice to have someone work beside you to keep things on track. I parked my car in the garage within a month after moving which wouldn’t have happened without help!

I wanted to have a peaceful start in my new home and I got the help I needed to transition to our new home and enjoy it.


Behind the Scenes of this Organizing Project:


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