Organized my home-based business testimonial

Before Restoring Order came in, my garage was a mess of kid stuff, yard tools, paperwork from an old law practice and vast quantities of glass. I wanted to turn my garage into a glass studio and start a home-based business, but I had more product than I could ever use clogging up the space. I was constantly searching for the product I needed and would end up going out and buying more because I couldn’t locate what I needed. I had no idea how to approach the space objectively, so I called Restoring Order for help.

I absolutely could not have done this by myself – I’d tried! My consultant came and was never judgmental and never told me I had to get rid of something. She very carefully took me by the hand and helped me think through everything and understand why I was holding on to things. She helped put the vision I had for my space into reality without being pushy or telling me what I had to do. She kept coming back and adjusting the layout and systems until the space really worked for me! I now have a working studio and can easily find and put away my glass.

It’s more than helping me find my stuff. Restoring Order helped me find my LIFE!

~ Dorrie McGregor

Behind the Scenes of this Organizing Project:



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