I was thrilled to find Restoring Order because it completely helped me organize and get control of all aspects of my life; in particular paperwork and documents and even a lot of objects and interests.

The reason I decided to hire a professional organizer or organizing firm was that I was completely swamped with financial documents and legal documents. I had a lot of limited partnerships and venture investments.  My taxes organization was getting really out of hand.  I was thrilled to discover that Vicki was so knowledgeable about financial, tax and legal documents and that was the first area we focused on.

She discovered lots of parts of my life that I hadn’t included in the interview and they turned to be very central in handling my interests and being a more holistic approach to managing my organizational life.

They really will help you reclaim the messes and the disorganization in your life and you will find a lot more time to focus on what you want to do what you enjoy and not worry about filing your property taxes on time or keeping your medical records straight, or your art collection well organized.  It takes a lot of the pain and stress from those activities.

Once you go through the basics of managing your life then you get into really fun projects like your art collection or in your kitchen finally getting rid of all of the junk.  Focusing on having everything organized the way you cook.  That to me is kind of the secret; Vicki and Restoring Order focuses on what works for you.  Focused on yourself; not on some artificial model of how somebody should be.

I’ve recommended it to several friends, colleagues and family.  They’ve organized everything from their kitchens, garages, family documents, legal, wills etc. A lot of people have used them on an individual project basis.

I simply cannot visualize my life without Restoring Order.

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