I first saw Vicki when she was on AMNW.  I was intrigued by organization and felt the need to establish some control in my life.  Both my parents used what they had including cutting off buttons, saving them, and making the shirt a rag.  This became how I lived my early adult life.  As more children came along it was obvious this culture had outgrown the usefulness to live a stress free life.

I bought books to learn of this new state of being then studied Vicki’s books and watched her DVD’s.  It was time to take the plunge but needed guidance of her wonderful staff,

My motives have changed….kids moved out….I stepped away from work….and along came a team to archive and organize my files.  This was not so painful so I pushed forward with the work station and then drawers then whole rooms.

I could not have cleaned out two homes without the help of my Order Restorer and her excellent training from Restoring Order.

I am still a work in  progress but not a failure!  I look forward to truly reclaiming my space.  There is much to be done still and will be courageous for what is coming.

Thank you for your company and the way you have structured your company with competent people.  I am so very grateful.



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