Monica Nyman Client Story & TestimonialI have worked with Restoring Order since 2002 and they have been lifesavers. They’ve helped me in several different households, through transitions, and in our business as well. In my home, my consultants have helped me both with systemization and upkeep. Once the heavy labor of addressing the backlog was finished, the nature of our work transformed into establishing structures for keeping my house and office ordered.  My consultants have aided in creating systems for my children and their changing needs as well. Having regular “check-ups” during the month allows us to adjust our organizing strategies and maintain our systems without having to overhaul a huge mess ever again.  Having these regular dates “on the books” allows me the freedom to go about my daily life without worrying about when I’m going to find the time to address these maintenance issues. Restoring Order has been in my life well over a decade and they contribute to my quality of life and sanity on an ongoing basis!

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