Lynda Corliss Client Story & TestimonailI worked with Vicki during both an exciting and difficult time in my life.  I had left my career and was ready to sprout something new.  Our work together inspired me.  Vicki helped me put the breadcrumbs together to reclaim my life from chaos that erupts from loss. While I was mourning the loss of a career, Vicki helped me to see that I was simply “being pruned” and we got to the business of reclaiming my life and my gifts.  Vicki provided so many resources and positive ways to “story” my new beginning.  No one can do this for you, it has to come from within; but Vicki is visionary and she mentors and guides using amazing intuition and grace.

I blossomed.  My business ventures continue to grow. I am able to give back using my 25 years as a high tech negotiator.  It is fun, it is engaging, the experience I bring helps my clients, and I believe it is my purpose.

Through our work, I reclaimed my life from clutter (things) and chaos (mental) and came to the realization that we need people, not things -we all have too many things.  These things take our lives from us – they break, we can’t find them, they sit on a shelf unused cluttering our lives.

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