Linda Close - Walked With Me Every Step of the WayWhen my life transitioned and I needed to downsize, I called in help with the process. My Order Restorer started by helping me walk through each box and make decisions about each and every item I had collected over the years. She gave me homework assignments to keep the process going when she wasn’t with me. I went through, what felt like, 500 cards and made decisions on which to keep and which to part with.

One of the biggest things was how happy I was to prune. I wanted to prune everything. I even had a big trash bag of old mail, which I thought I’d just throw away. But my Order Restorer said, “no, let’s go through the bag together”. At the bottom of that pile I found pictures of my brother-in-law’s mom’s wedding. I felt so good about getting those photos to my brother-in-law and I realized the value of taking the time to go through this process the right way, the first time.

My Order Restorer walked each step of the way with me and even helped me measure and decide on furniture pieces that would fit in my new space. She was my organizing goddess and I am so grateful.


Behind the Scenes of this Organizing Project:


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