Helped me not get stuck in grief testimonialI am SO grateful for Restoring Order! I’ve had the opportunity to utilize their services for many different reasons. My organizer has been with me through all of them.

I first contacted them right after my late husband passed away and I just couldn’t get through all the papers, clothes, and memorabilia on my own – I couldn’t even start. I didn’t want to ask someone that knew me or my husband to help because I knew that they would have opinions that weren’t helpful.

Restoring Order came to my rescue. I never felt pushed or judged for keeping or NOT keeping anything. She helped me get to a place of moving forward and not feeling stuck in grief.

When I decided to move she helped me organize and get a system in place, so that when I was ready to go – I could just go. She helped me clear out several storage units, a three car garage and a 3800 sq foot house. Oddly, my Order Restorer was one of the first people I told when I met and started dating my new husband. Since I was already organized, moving into my husband’s house was a breeze!

My husband and I are now in our OWN home and because Restoring Order gave me the skills I needed to prune, organize and pack efficiently, moving a second time in a year was pretty seamless (during the holidays no less). My Order Restorer even helped me put up my Christmas stuff! You name it –  outside lights, stockings and all kinds of decor.

I really believe that any one of the organizers that work for this company would have been just as helpful and understanding as my Order Restorer has been with me. Restoring Order has been a strange part of the worst and best parts of the last few years for me. I know that some would consider it a luxury, and it is, but honestly I couldn’t have functioned nearly as well without their help. It cost the same as any therapy and I have something to show for it!

Thanks for everything, Restoring Order team!



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