Jessica & Devin Adams Client Story & TestimonialRestoring Order restored our freedom!  As a growing plumbing company, our home office was overrun with paperwork.  Our estimates, invoices, bills, and personal mail towered haphazardly on every flat surface.  When we sat down to send invoices, or pay bills we spent more time sorting through the piles than being productive. 

Although our plumbers were working tirelessly, our income wasn’t reflecting the number of jobs we were doing.  Restoring Order assessed our needs and created systems to manage our paperwork.  Within one week we were able to bill $15,000 in work that was lost in the piles of paper! The systems are so efficient that we are able to spend more time together as a family, which, as small business owners, is invaluable. 

Restoring Order has empowered us to operate our business successfully, and it has given us the freedom to spend time with our family knowing our business is in order.

Behind the Scenes of this Organizing Project:


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