Our Hearts Are Radically Changed - Andrew Macy TestimonialMy husband Andrew and I were incredibly blessed by Restoring Order’s Reclaim Your Spirit consulting. ‘Coaching’ does not seem to encompass the individualized, specific, and in-depth approach that was taken to help Andrew and I grow in ways neither of us could ever imagine.  Perhaps mentors. Maybe counselors. However, if there is such thing as soul and spiritual awakeners (people who will take you on a journey into the unknown, in order to find the endless and yet specific possibilities of who God made you to be), then that’s probably the closest.

The many truths taught to us and instilled in our hearts were rooted in the word of God. Partnering with Holy Spirit, we were able to apply the biblical insights to our unique life experiences. In addition, there was a tremendous amount of discernment and focused time put into helping us better understand who God created us to be. Vicki and Stephanie were so intentional, never taking lightly the assignment of guiding Andrew and I’s spiritual growth and understanding.

Even when we arrived and our calendars were off, we were invited into the Norris’ family evening without hesitation. We played with Legos, discussed books, and were fed dinner. The Norris family naturally demonstrates the heart of Jesus in-action on and off the clock.

Andrew and my hearts have been radically changed by the truth imparted, the love shown, and the spiritual insight brought about by Vicki and Stephanie. We see more clearly who God created us to be; we live with a greater understanding of why God made us; we now run with certain victory because God made us both with His Kingdom purposes in mind and for great adventure. The time and resources we spent on the spiritual coaching sessions will have a lifelong impact on our lives.

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