Fred-Meyer-Testimonial-Improved-Work-life-balanceI am an accessories buyer in apparel for Fred Meyer. Our company was going through a major transition and Restoring Order was brought in to train staff on organizing strategies a few times throughout the year.

The courses helped my team and me corral projects, organize our workspaces, and helped us be efficient in projects and processes during the transition. The courses helped my team complete the projects and tasks on hand during a busy time.

Having more organized systems and a more organized workspace has greatly improved my work-life balance by increasing the efficiency with which my team can complete projects.

We identified some key opportunities to organize my office in a way that works more efficiently for my team. I had systems that worked for me, but through taking the trainings, we were able to create honed-in organizational systems where any of my team members can now come into my space and find what they need to complete projects in a timely manner.

As a result, we are working more fluidly as a group, we are able to find things and complete tasks when we need to – even when I’m not there, and we are continuing to refine our processes. I am so thankful to Fred Meyer for bringing Restoring Order in to help and for affording us the time in our day to implement the processes in our workspaces.

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