Frank Anzalone Client Story & TestimonialI had a lot of work to do and I knew I couldn’t do it by myself.  I needed assistance combining three households into one. My Restoring Order consultant helped me make my house more livable after dealing with aging parents, and ultimately, their passing. I had so many medical supplies I needed to donate and didn’t know where to start!

I am not stuck in just one room anymore.  I can enjoy my whole house.  I feel more comfortable inviting people over.  I also love my filing system.  I know where all my important papers are and filing is so much quicker.

My consultant also encouraged me to eat healthier and went shopping with me to fill my house with healthy foods.  Its easier to cook at home now.  Instead of going out to dinner 5 nights a week, I only go out maybe one night a week.  Restoring Order has helped me reclaim not only my house, but my health as well!

Frank Anzalone



Behind the Scenes of this Organizing Project:

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