Helped Elderly Father Feel Capable and in ControlAfter having such a positive experience moving to a smaller house and downsizing with the help of Restoring Order, I decided to ask for their professional guidance and assistance to do an organizational project with my father and me.

My elderly father is a retired attorney who is in his mid-80’s and suffering age-related memory loss. As the primary caregiver for both of my aging parents, I have noticed his frustration, particularly with the state of his office and files. He has always been organized and tidy, but in recent years keeping his office neat and his desk clear has become more difficult for him.

Working with an organizing consultant has not only given him back his neat desk and an updated filing system, it has given him something to look forward to and has been a positive and meaningful experience for us to work on together as father and daughter.

From finding old lost letters and talking through memories about his parents or relatives to getting a better understanding of how he has his office organized, this has been hugely helpful to me as I do my best to help both of my parents through this stage of their lives.

It has also been extremely beneficial to have our consultant make suggestions to us both, helping us let go of outdated material but always letting the final decisions be his. She keeps Dad moving forward and focused on the progress he is making, with me there to help, and her warm, friendly manner makes the whole experience one he looks forward to every session.

I am so glad I contacted Restoring Order and that Dad and I have had their help. It is so worth it, and I highly recommend doing such a project to anyone with senior parents who are feeling a loss of control of their lives, for whatever reason. This has helped my father feel more capable and in control, and better about life in general.

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