Carol & Kirk Bausch Reclaim Your Health TestimonialI am very thankful for the personalized health information that is shared with our team through the Restoring Order Wellness Training program.  Our family has always strived to live a healthy lifestyle-“real” food, exercise and time with family and friends.  Recently, the conflicting information about what IS healthy has caused us to wonder if we are actually making wise choices.  Through Restoring Order’s training, I’ve learned how to better read and understand food labels and decipher what organic, non-GMO, gluten free, raw, etc. really mean.   I also recognize how sugar and sugar substitutes can affect my family’s health.  During the cold and flu season, we now use essential oils, apple cider vinegar, and steam inhalation to relieve our symptoms.  What is really exciting is that my teenagers fully embrace the natural remedies and enjoy “clean” food.  I truly believe they have a much greater understanding of health now due to the training I’ve received.

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