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Restoring Order is a company whose purpose is to restore the original design of people, families, and businesses. Our aim is to help YOU reclaim your household, work, health, and spirit.

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Enjoy reading our past [RE]store articles below:

[RE]store is a regular article category that brings impactful “RE” articles intended to help you restore that which matters most plus resources to  reclaim your life!

REdiscover Your Contribution to the World

REdiscover Your Contribution to the World Greetings, friends! I’m so passionate about helping you reclaim every area of your life that I want to invite you to read this particular [RE]store article to the very end. Not only was it written for you; it’s about YOU!...

REunite: Rejoin the Human Family

  REunite: Rejoin the Human Family A woman is imperceptibly but progressively “edged out” of her friend circle. She doesn’t know why but feels like things changed after she was the first among their circle to have a baby. A man eats lunch alone every day at his...

REenlist: Join the Movement

Re-Enlist: Join the Movement! Last week I heard stomping feet. I stomped along with the sound I heard. It was like an army was arising and headed somewhere important. I added my feet to the groundswell effort. I stomped too. The army that was arising was an army of...

REmember: Prioritizing People

REmember: Prioritizing People As I toured my college campus, memories came flooding back about that thrilling and rigorous time of life. I had returned to regroup with sorority sisters from yesteryear to remember the times we enjoyed together and discover where life...

REserve: No More Holding Back

  REserve: No More Holding Back This one is for all of you who have been taken advantage of. It's for those who have been burned, who have decided - at one time or another - that there's good reason to protect yourself, to hold back until it's safe. It's for you...

REfine: Getting Back to the Perfect You

  REfine: Getting Back to the Perfect You If you are ready to trade in a lifestyle of striving for a lifestyle of peace, this one is for you….. When we hear the word “refine” most of us automatically think about improving or polishing up something. We think of...

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