Shoe Traffic Jam

Image courtesy of Unsplash and Jakob Owens

My shoes are stuck in a shoe traffic jam.

We have been remodeling our office since we moved into our new home last fall. It is all done except for a few things. My husband put hooks up in our mudroom and we still have to install the shoe bar when we get a little time (which is in short supply with two little ones!).

Yes, I did say “shoe bar”….I am sooooo excited for a fabulous place to display and store all of our shoes. I’ve decided that ALL of our shoes (except the muddy boots) will live in our mudroom, not our bedrooms.

You know the problem of a two-story house…some shoes live by the front door, some live in the bedrooms (no one knows which ones), and some live in the garage, etc. Many just are just transients and clutter up the floor wherever the owner kicks them off. And, remember, I’m raising three (I mean TWO) boys!

So, anyway the shoe bar has not yet come into its glorious existence yet. But I’ve already cleared my shoes out of the master closet to make room for my husband’s clothes. So, my shoes are lined up in awkward rows on the floor in the mudroom and my husband’s and son’s shoes are still scattered about and it slays me.

My shoes are in purgatory and it isn’t pretty. I’m sure you have experienced something like this…a traffic jam of household disorder. Until the mudroom gets resolved, our shoes shall remain frustratingly nomadic. It’s a back up and I’m laying on the horn!

Fortunately, I know that this situation is temporary. If you are having traffic jams in your own household, resolve them one at a time as soon as you can in order to avoid a downward spiral. And if your jam is temporary like mine (though nonetheless annoying) do what I’m doing: havea glass of wine and dreaming of my shoe bar (insert your dream here) just off the next exit!

Here’s to shoe bars,

Vicki Norris

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