Mantle decorated in Valentine's Day decor

From flags to bunnies, pumpkins to hearts, most everyone has holiday décor. Storing decorations for the major holidays is one thing, but we need good systems to store our other seasonal décor as well.

Here are four simple systems to optimize or limit décor storage to make it quick and easy to keep your home festive and fresh year-round.

Four Seasonal Décor Storage Ideas:

Keep mantle décor handy

Decorating for Christmas is often a whole-home event and requires its own storage system. But, what to do about the minor holidays?

One easy trick to manage the minor holidays is to choose a mantle or gallery wall and make it your holiday showcase.

Having a primary visual focus in your home (or a few) limits the number of items needed for each holiday, while still creating a festive home. When you come across a seasonal décor item, you can imagine it in that space and determine whether it coordinates before purchasing.

When creating your seasonal décor display, use versatile items in related colors to minimize the amount of décor storage needed. For example, use red lanterns that could then be used for Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, and Christmas.

Seasonal Decor Storage - Vintage red accents

Depending on your décor style, choose a few white, silver, gold, wooden, or vintage items that can be moved around for each season. Adding in these multi-purpose items can greatly reduce the amount of seasonal décor storage space needed.

Next, choose an easily accessible décor storage location to store items that will rotate through this display. Whereas Christmas and other major holiday décor requires multiple bins and will be stored in your garage, shed, or attic, keep your mantle and gallery wall décor handy. This will make it easy to change from one seasonal theme to another within minutes.

Seasonal Decor Storage - Underbed

Some handy décor storage location ideas:

  • Under your bed
  • Hutch or Cabinet
  • Sideboard
  • Closet Shelf
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Whatever location you purpose for seasonal décor storage, make sure it will fit all your décor items. Keeping all décor items in one location will eliminate hunting and will help keep track what you already have.

Swap pillow cases instead of pillows

Seasonal Decor Storage - Christmas Couch

Using blankets and pillows is an easy and affordable way to change the feel of a room. The different textures and colors are delightful! I recently showed how to dedicate an area in your home for blanket and pillow décor storage.

Seasonal Decor Storage - Blankets

However, seasonal pillow décor storage can get bulky fast. If you’re lacking storage space for these bulky items, swap out pillow cases instead of pillows.

Choose a standard pillow size and then make or buy seasonal pillow cases to be swapped. Not only will this save a lot of room in your home, they are easy to remove and wash!

Seasonal Decor Storage - Pillows

Great locations for seasonal pillow décor storage:

  • Inside Ottoman
  • With your linens
  • In bins
  • With mantle/gallery décor

Store items vertically in bins

Storage bins with blankets and linens stored vertically

One of our favorite organizing hacks is storing décor items vertically in bins. This eliminates digging and allows you to quickly see your items.

  • Fold your flatter items like tablecloths & runners and pillow cases and store them vertically
  • Roll your holiday blankets

If you can see and access your items, you’re more likely to use and enjoy them.

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Avoid décor storage – use natural items

Table decorated with seasonal items

With so many minor holidays throughout the year, and the work it takes to create holiday showcases, the best option is to avoid accumulating and storing all together.

One way to do this is to incorporate natural items into your décor and dispose of them at the end of the season.

Some natural décor ideas:

  • Fresh or dried flowers
  • Gourds
  • Branches
  • Pinecones
  • Boughs
  • Potted plants

Another thing I LOVE doing is repurposing vases and containers and keep my seasonal décor storage to a minimum! I love bringing the outdoors IN; there’s truly no better way to show off the glory of the season!

We hope these seasonal décor storage ideas have sparked your imagination for how you can optimize décor storage in your own home!

Have a décor storage hack you love? Share in the comments!

4 Seasonal Decor Storage Ideas


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